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Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel


Breathing new life into an iconic beachside Sydney landmark.

Over the years, as we engaged in brand activations for Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel at the Sydney Collective, it became evident that a brand update was long overdue. Seeking a fresh perspective, I enlisted the expertise of Ali Ozden, an external Art Director from Universal Favourite, to collaborate with our in-house team in revitalising this seaside haven. 

Leading us through the process of shaping our identity, Ali provided a foundational style presentation for our in-house team to further develop into guidelines and implement across the entire venue. Our primary focus in shaping this new identity was to encapsulate the feeling of entering Watsons.


Application Roll-Out
Project Management




Art Direction: Ali Ozden & Lizzie
Roll Out Direction: Ali & Lizzie
Design: Ali Ozden, Lizzie Florece, Lauren Dannenberg, Phoebe Mackay
Food Photography: Jared Lyons


Stepping into this beachside oasis should evoke a sense of carefree bliss, a joyful weightlessness that allows worries to drift away. This floating concept became the guiding principle that permeates every aspect of brand application, including motion, photography and overall art direction.


The colour palette was curated from the vibrant hues of the iconic sunsets, and gradients were strategically employed to depict the upward drift of colours, reinforcing the sunset concept. Additionally, a graphic representation of Watsons distinctive umbrellas, with angled stripes, was integrated, serving as a graphic device that further resonates with the brand's identity.